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With a lighthearted tone, yet serious message, Ken artfully examines the journey involved in waiting on God's timing. 


How long do we have to wait and how much do we have to endure?


To answer the question, Ken uses culinary analogies: God is the Head Chef preparing a meal for us, and the appetizers, soup, salad, entrees, and desserts are all part of our spiritual journey.


Just as careful food preparation is crucial to cooking a good meal, we must be patient when waiting on responses from God.

Microwaved dishes and fast food simply will not do. Great cuisine cannot be rushed, and neither can we take a shortcut to a rich and fulfilling relationship with God. 

Set the table and let the  discussion begin!


InOneEar_Ebook Cover.jpg

Has technology gotten out of control in this microwave society? Is it possible to hear, absorb, and retain information in a digital age full of distractions? 

To answer the question, Ken seeks answers from experts and his own experiences to understand the challenges that can occur between society's addition to technology and spiritual growth.


We live in a world that has embraced the usage of smart phones, tablets, mobile apps, gaming consoles, internet services, social media etc. 

Even if technology overall is  beneficial, are we so addicted that our usage has became a stumbling block to God's purpose?

Let's explore this together!

About the Author

Born in the projects of New York City, Ken Bosket, MSEM/Engr., used the challenges of life as a platform to success. Always thinking, Ken questioned the norms of society and wondered whether today's mindset can be effective in tomorrow's high-tech culture. Bothered by his efforts to balance his personal and spiritual goals, Ken's curiosity challenged him to evaluate the sometimes-conflicting relationship between spirituality, technology and humanity. In an effort to keep his books reader-friendly, he developed a writing style that is a light-hearted mix of conversation, information, and thought-provoking dialog.