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Are you still waiting for an answer?
 Can you hear in today's "Microwave Society"? 
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How long do we have to wait and how much do we have to endure before God answers our prayers? Is it possible to develop and maintain patience while waiting on God on our fast-paced society. Let's find out!

Maybe it is not our fault. In a high-tech society that waits for no one, distractions are everywhere. How do we balance our lives so that the information received do not go in one ear and out the other? Join me as the conversation continues!

 Mini Meals: Enjoy a dining experience with smaller portion sizes.
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No time? This second edition is written for a fast-paced culture. It highlights lessons from God's past relationships with individuals, but in a more concise and unique way.

 Guess what? You can be broken yet still chosen.

 What happens when we make decisions that could hinder us from fulfilling our destiny? Is it conceivable that God can use us even if our conduct does not align with His character?

Born in the projects of New York City, Ken Bosket, MSEM/Engr., used the challenges of life as a platform to success. Always thinking, Ken questioned the norms of society and wondered whether today's mindset can be effective in tomorrow's high-tech culture. Bothered by his efforts to balance his personal and spiritual goals, Ken's curiosity challenged him to evaluate the sometimes-conflicting relationship between spirituality, tech- nology, and humanity. 

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